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A  Page for our English Speakers


 Welcome to the Tour des Cavaliers


We are delighted to welcome you to our home, the ‘Tour des Cavaliers’. 


Originally from southern England, Selma had a successful and enjoyable teaching career in Essex and Steve was an innovative design engineer.  Holidays in France gave us the desire for a change of lifestyle and surroundings.   A photograph of a house and a stone staircase caught our imagination; one visit and we were hooked.  We sold up, packed up and have not regretted one second of our great French adventure.


At various times a farm, a post house, a dance hall, as well as a family home, we have spent the last three years renovating 'La Tour des Cavaliers' with the help and guidance of local artisans. 


We are currently researching the history of the house, but our preliminary investigations indicate that the original structure of this fortified farmhouse dates from at least the 12th century.


The focus of the renovation work has been to preserve the house for the generations to come, but also to make it as eco-efficient as possible to cope with modern living.  Work has included renovating the roof, insulating all the exterior walls, loft and ground floor.  We have replaced the drafty windows with efficient, double glazed windows in the same style, however, most spectacularly, we have replaced the inefficient and enegy-consuming oil-fired central heating system with a new, state-of-the-art wood pellet burner.


We have been fortunate in the funding of this project to be backed by the Pays Civraisien, the Département de la Vienne, la Région Poitou-Charentes, the European Union, (LEADER Programme) and FREE (Fonds Régional d’Excellence Environmentale, Poitou-Charentes).  The househas also been awarded the Eco Label for ecological efficiency by AFNOR.










An important aspect of our project was to provide accessible accommodation for guests with disabilities. Along with accreditation by Gîtes de France, our goal was to obtain the ‘Tourism et Handicap’ label.


The house is suitable for guests with auditory problems or who have learning difficulties.  Opposite the main house, we have created a large comfortable bedroom with its own shower-room, which is adapted to welcome visitors of all abilities. 


We have 4 rooms available for our guests, each with its own private shower-room.

  • The Zola:  Large double room adapted to ensure a comfortable stay for all guests, able-bodied or disabled.  Price per night: 1 person 65€, 2 people 70€

  • The Hugo:  Large family room, suitable for 2 – 3 people.                                        Price per night: 1 person 65€, 2 people 70€,  3 people 80€

  • The Balzac:  A single room with lots of character!  Large picture window.   Views of the château, the mairie and the church.  Price per night: 1 person 50€

  • The Gautier:  A single room at the top of the house.  Excellent views of the chateau, mairie and church.  Price per night: 1 person 50€

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